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Need help? Please read below for answers to most of the questions about the youth election.

What is or where do I get an invitation code?

The invitation code is located at the bottom of the Teacher letter that was sent to you from the Secretary of State’s Office.

I’m a teacher. I registered and logged out but I don’t see the login link. How do I login again?

You nor your students will be able to log back into the system. It is a one-time login, register and vote system. There is no need since you can only vote once.

When can students cast their vote for the Montana 2018 Youth Election?

Students can vote after they register and enter the code provided by their teacher on November 2, 2018, beginning at 8:30am through 2:30pm.

If I am a student and do not have an active email address or do not wish to provide my email, what do I enter in that required field while registering?

Students can enter an inactive or invalid email address in that field and will still be able to complete registration and vote.  The only difference is that the students who do not have an active email will not receive the results via email. They will have to access the results directly from the website or from their teacher.

What do I enter as my school name if I am homeschooled?

Teachers will select the “Other” option and type in a school name (i.e.  Smith home school).

What do I do if my school is not listed in the drop-down menu?

If you are a teacher, you can select the “Other” option in the drop-down menu under school names and add your school name in the space provided.  If you are a student, ask your teacher to help find it on the list.  You may also call the Secretary of State’s office directly at 888-884-8683 or email [email protected], and we can assist you in getting your school added.

If I make a mistake and want to change my vote, can I go back and change it?

You can use the small yellow back arrow at the bottom of each race page and go back only one race page to change that vote only.

If I do not know my student access code, what do I need to do to get registered?

Your teacher will provide you with the student access code.  After you receive the access code from your teacher, you will register and cast your vote on Friday, November 2, 2018, between 8:30am through 2:30pm.

When will the results be posted?

Results will be posted and sent to the email provided in the registration or made available on the “Results” button on the top of the website on November 2, 2018, after 3:00pm.

Do I need to click “Log Out” at the end of my voting session?

YES!  This is very important.  You need to Log Out for your vote to count in the youth vote election.

When I click on Teachers, it says, “Teachers fill in the form below and click the Register My Account button. There is no form below. How do I register?

The last teacher apparently did not logout.  To resolve this, hover your mouse over the TEACHERS link at the top.  The profile link shows up on a menu. Click on it. At the bottom of the profile is the Logout.



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